Assessment & Property Information

Assessments & Property Information

The Village of Pewaukee contracts with Associated Appraisal for municipal assessor services and will be undergoing a full revaluation in 2017.

The projected timeline indicates that residential inspections are expected to start the early part of June. The assessment staff will have Photo ID’s, a color printed letter signed by the Village Administrator and/or Clerk, and will be driving an Associated Appraisal fleet vehicle (color red, with the company name on the sides). We will have samples posted as soon as they are available.

Associated Appraisal has a list of commonly asked questions on their website. If you have additional questions or need more indepth information than what is provided, you can contact Associated Appraisal directly at 1.800.721.4157.

The Department of Revenue also has an information booklet for homeowners that may provide additional answers.

You can click here for property information (assessed values, square footage, etc.) that is published on Associated Appraisals website. You can also visit the Waukesha County Treasurer’s website for more information on your property.

Notice of 2017 Municipal Revaluation

Assessor’s Authority to Enter Land