2017 Board of Review & Open Book

Village of Pewaukee Board of Review Information

The 2017 Village of Pewaukee Board of Review will meet on October 12, 2017 at 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. and subsequently if necessary. 

The Open Book is scheduled for September 21, 2017 from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. Appointments must be made with the Assessor’s Office (800-721-4157)

The Village of Pewaukee is going through a Full Revaluation this year.

Please visit our Assessment Page for more information

If you have any questions feel free to contact Village Hall (262-691-5660)  or Associated Appraisal (800-721-4157)

Thank you.

Pewaukee Lake Beach

Pewaukee Lake Beach

Parking – Free public parking is available along West Wisconsin Avenue. Please pay close attention to the posted signs. Some areas are designated as ‘drop-off’ zones. Free parking is available at two additional locations in the Village.  The first lot is located at 100 Capitol Drive at the intersection of West Wisconsin Avenue and Capitol Drive, near the railroad tracks.  The second lot is located at 201 Oakton Avenue, approximately a block east of the intersection of Oakton Avenue and Main Street.

For Beach Closures & Other Information – Please visit the City of Pewaukee website

Are you interested in serving your community?

The Village of Pewaukee is currently taking applications for the newly established Sex Offender Residency Appeal Board.

The Appeals Board members are responsible for hearing and deciding appeals made by citizens in regards to the residency perimeters set in the Village of Pewaukee Sex Offender Ordinance. (The Appeals Board meets as needed, at Pewaukee Village Hall)

If you are interested or would like to more know more about the Citizen Appeals Board, contact Village Hall at 262-691-5660.  Interested parties can also contact the Village Board members directly.

Please complete the committee application form and return it to Village Hall if you are interested in serving on this or any other Village board/committee.

Notice of 2017 Property Assessment and Revaluation


Revaluation: The municipality it required to keep property assessments in compliance with full value at least once every 5-year period. The municipality is conducting a revaluation for the 2017 assessment year. As such, the assessor will be periodically conducting inspections on properties until such time that the assessment roll is completed.

Notice of Assessor’s Authority to Enter Land:

The trespass law in Wisconsin entitles the assessor to enter a property once during an assessment cycle unless the property owner has notified the assessor in advance to deny entry. Additional visits may be authorized by the property owner. Assessors are restricted to the following conditions when entering property:

  1. The reason for the entry must be to make an assessment on behalf of the state or a political subdivision.
  2. The entry must be on a weekday during daylight hours, or at another time as agreed upon with the property owner.
  3. The assessor’s visit must not be more than one hour.
  4. The assessor must not open doors, enter through open doors, or look into windows or structures.
  5. If the property owner or occupant is not present, the assessor must leave a notice on the principal building providing the owner with information on how to contact them.
  6. The assessor may not enter the premises if they have received a notice from the property owner or occupant denying them entry.
  7. The assessor must leave if the property owner or occupant asks them to leave.

In 2009, Wisconsin Act 68 was enacted to amend Section 70.05(5)(b) Wis. Stats. and to create Section 70.05(4m), 895, 488, 943.13(4m)(d) and 943.15(1m) of the statutes; relating to: partially exempting an assessor and an assessor’s staff from liability for trespassing, creating immunity from civil liability, and changing the notice requirements relating to the revaluation of property by an assessor. Copies of the applicable statutes can be obtained at public depositories throughout the State of Wisconsin, and from the State of Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau website.

Please review Notice of 2017 Municipal Revaluation

For more information about the expected timeline, click here for the Steps in a Revaluation

You can also visit the Assessment & Property Information page for more details.

Railroad Crossing Project Information & Quiet Zones

State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation

Federal Railroad Administration Grant

Waukesha County Sealed Corridor Project

Village of Pewaukee Railroad Crossings


As indicated in a press release from the Federal Railroad Administration dated February 22, 2016, the State of Wisconsin was awarded a $3 million grant to increase safety at 10 railroad crossings in Waukesha County. Four of the crossings scheduled for safety upgrades are located within the Village. The proposed safety upgrades are summarized in the FRA press release provided below.

On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, representatives from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration, Canadian Pacific Railway, Office of the Commissioner of Railroads, and the Village, met to conduct a field review of the four crossings within the Village in relation to the grant to verify crossing conditions as part of a fact-finding part of the planning process.

The grant and its components are administered by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Please see the following documents for information related to this project:

Quiet Zone Information

For information related to Quiet Zones and their establishment process, please review the Quiet Zone Guidelines, as provided by the Federal Railroad Administration.

Recycling & Garbage Information

 The Village of Pewaukee Recycling Center

*Last Wednesday of the year is October 26th

*Last Saturday of the year is December 17th


Electronics & Appliance Recycling Dates for Waukesha County Residents

You can visit the Waukesha County Recycling website for additional information and a schedule of future collection dates.

Common Questions and Answers regarding the new garbage & recycling pick-up in the Village of Pewaukee

Q. What if I occasionally have more refuse than can fit into the provided 64 gallon container?

A. The lid on the can does not need to be completely closed so you can place some bags on top of the container as long as they will not fall off as the container is lifted.

Q. What if I consistently have more refuse than can fit into the 64 gallon container?

A. Residents who consistently have more refuse than can be contained within the 64 gallon refuse container may request a 96 gallon container to replace the 64 gallon container.  The resident will need to contact the Village Hall at 262-691-5660 to request the container change.  Requests to swap out containers must be received at Village Hall by Wednesday for a container to be swapped out that same week.

Q. What if I consistently have more refuse than can fit into the 96 gallon container?

A. Residents who are in need of a permanent second container will need to contract directly with ADS for a second refuse container at a cost of $125 per year for a 64 gallon container. (cost for 2015)


Advanced Disposal would like to thank the Village of Pewaukee residents for the opportunity to provide service in their community.

Advanced Disposal Customer Care can be reached at 262-367-6040, Monday through Friday from 7am to 4:30pm

Please visit the ADS website for additional information on refuse and recycling collection.

Not sure if your recycling is picked up this week?  Click here for the 2017 calendar.

Please remember to recycle everything you can.

Break down and flatten your boxes before placing them into your recycling container.


Overnight Parking

Permits are required for Over Night Parking

No overnight parking on streets in the Village of Pewaukee without a permit from the hours of 2AM to 6AM.

This is a year round restriction. Parking Permits are available at the Village Police Department during normal business hours at a minimal cost.

Permits can be purchased in one month increments up to one year.