Delinquent Personal Property Tax

List of Delinquent Personal Property Tax Accounts

Notice is hereby given that the following list of businesses are delinquent on their 2017 Personal Property Taxes.

Accounts with unpaid amounts will be sent to collections after the 2nd installment deadline for tax payments, July 31, 2018. Please contact Andrew Thelke at Waukesha County Department of Collections to resolve unpaid accounts.


Delinquent Personal Property Tax Accounts:

  • Achieve Marketing LLC
  • Amy Plum LLC
  • Bonnier Corporation
  • Dickey’s BBQ
  • Innovative Inoculation Solutions
  • Inspired Learning
  • Lakeside Tattoo
  • Malibar Coffee
  • Second Chance Resources
  • Thinkinovation Inc.
  • WEHAA Design LLC


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