Recycling & Garbage Information

 The Village of Pewaukee Recycling Center

*Last Wednesday of the year is October 26th

*Last Saturday of the year is December 17th


Electronics & Appliance Recycling Dates for Waukesha County Residents

You can visit the Waukesha County Recycling website for additional information and a schedule of future collection dates.

Common Questions and Answers regarding the new garbage & recycling pick-up in the Village of Pewaukee

Q. What if I occasionally have more refuse than can fit into the provided 64 gallon container?

A. The lid on the can does not need to be completely closed so you can place some bags on top of the container as long as they will not fall off as the container is lifted.

Q. What if I consistently have more refuse than can fit into the 64 gallon container?

A. Residents who consistently have more refuse than can be contained within the 64 gallon refuse container may request a 96 gallon container to replace the 64 gallon container.  The resident will need to contact the Village Hall at 262-691-5660 to request the container change.  Requests to swap out containers must be received at Village Hall by Wednesday for a container to be swapped out that same week.

Q. What if I consistently have more refuse than can fit into the 96 gallon container?

A. Residents who are in need of a permanent second container will need to contract directly with ADS for a second refuse container at a cost of $125 per year for a 64 gallon container. (cost for 2015)


Advanced Disposal would like to thank the Village of Pewaukee residents for the opportunity to provide service in their community.

Advanced Disposal Customer Care can be reached at 262-367-6040, Monday through Friday from 7am to 4:30pm

Please visit the ADS website for additional information on refuse and recycling collection.

Not sure if your recycling is picked up this week?  Click here for the 2017 calendar.

Please remember to recycle everything you can.

Break down and flatten your boxes before placing them into your recycling container.


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