Parking Restrictions

Village of Pewaukee Parking Restrictions and Traffic Safety Reminders

Welcome to a brief information section on parking restrictions in the Village of Pewaukee. The following is some general information for you to know about parking, and some driving tips for you to be aware of. This is not intended as an official list of all parking regulations. Wisconsin State Statutes clearly lay out parking conditions in certain areas, as do local ordinances. This is also true of certain driving laws, so this information should be considered as a helpful reminder, not a complete listing.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the police department at 262-691-5678.

Overnight Parking – Permits Required

No overnight parking on streets in the Village of Pewaukee without a permit. This is a year round restriction. Parking Permits are available at the village police department during normal business hours at a minimal cost. Permits can be purchased in one month increments up to one year.

Once you have a permit you must use alternate sides parking, that is, parking on the even side of the road on even days, and the odd side of the road on odd numbered days. Please remember when doing this that the ordinance applies from 2AM-6AM so if you are parking your car on the road, with a permit, and you park it at 11PM on the 2nd, you would want to park on the odd side of the road, unless you plan on getting up and moving it at 2AM.

If you are having a visitor who will only be parking on the road for one or two nights, you may call the license plate and the location of the car in to a recorded message at 262-691-5677. This information must be called in each night the car is on the road. Call in will only be allowed for a car up to 3 times a month, otherwise a permit should be obtained. You still must follow the alternate parking rule.

Disabled Parking Spaces

Do not park in Handicapped spaces. This includes the lined area next to handicapped spaces. That area is for the handicapped ramp. If you park in a handicapped area, be it on the street or in a parking lot, you will receive a very expensive ticket.

Street Parking

You should never park ‘left wheel to curb’, that meaning with your driver’s side of the car at the curb.  This is illegal in Wisconsin and you will get a ticket. If you need to unload something or drop someone off please take the time to go around the block and park in the proper direction. This is so other cars approaching your parked car see the reflective rear of your car.

Fire Hydrants

Do not park in front of fire hydrants.

Lakefront Area

Do not park in the spaces immediately in front of the lakefront on the lake side. These may appear to be parking spaces, but they are reserved for emergency vehicles and are posted as such. Many people in a rush to visit the lake don’t see these signs, but we must be able to get emergency services to the lakefront if needed.

Parking at Waukesha County Technical College

Obey all parking signs and do not park anywhere on the roadways or in the lot that does not have a marked parking space. Pewaukee Police patrol the college campus.

Parking Lots

All parking lots and drives held open to the public can have parking and traffic laws enforced on them by Pewaukee Village ordinance. Please obey all rules and signs, including stop signs in parking lots. They are there for safety reasons.

Radar Enforcement

Pewaukee is radar enforced. Please obey the speed limits posted, unless posted otherwise speed limits in the village are 25mph. Speeding increases accidents and we want our community to be safe as possible, slow down, and enjoy all Pewaukee has to offer.

School Zones

All of Pewaukee School District schools are located in a campus setting in the village. All roads with access to the schools are clearly posted to slow down to 15mph when children are present. Obey the reduced speed to keep our children safe, and avoid an expensive ticket.

Move Over for Emergency Vehicles

Wisconsin has a ‘Move Over Law’ regarding passing stopped emergency vehicles. Please obey this law, if there are 2 lanes in the same direction move over, if not slow down, it’s the law and helps keep our police and fire fighters safe.