Pewaukee Lake No Wake Posting

Special Emergency Restrictions for Pewaukee Lake

Updated July 19, 2017


Pewaukee Lake has exceeded and continues to exceed 853.4 feet above sea level. It is expected that the lake level will continue to exceed this level for the near future due to current weather forecasts.  In accordance with Pewaukee Lake Ordinance 15a, “When the elevation of the lake is excess of 853.4 above sea level as measured at the Village of Pewaukee dam, no person shall operate a watercraft in excess of slow-no-wake in any area of the lake.”

The Slow-No-Wake is in effect until further notice.  The lake level will be monitored daily.

The Pewaukee Lake Patrol will be on the lake enforcing this order.

For more details, please see the original official Special Emergency Restriction released by Chief Iding of the Village of Pewaukee Police Department.

Thank you.

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